Hey guys this blog is dedicated to making gifs of the amazing and funny show that airs on The CW called Hart of Dixie. Run by: Candy, Melissa, Dayane, Anye, Ivy, and Katie.
apartment4d-hallway asked: It's season 4 going to be the last one?

I’ve already answered this question yesterday, here

Anonymous asked: They aren't hiding Rachel's bump. They wrote the pregnancy in.

Wow really? I actually didn’t know that, thank you!
Ok anon, here’s your answer :)

Anonymous asked: do you know if there will be a 5th season? bc scott porter posted a few things on instagram that make me think the 4th will be the last... ):

Well I’m not entirely sure, it hasn’t been announced yet, but as the ratings in s3 weren’t so good I think they renew it so we could have proper last season to end things.

Anonymous asked: How are they hiding Rachel's baby bump?

I don’t know, I think they started to film it quite early, so maybe she won’t be showing yet.

Anonymous asked: hello i hope i am not bothering you but do you know when hart of dixie is back please? and if there will have another season? thank you.

There will be a new season with 10 episodes, I think. And it’s gonna be back in mindseason.


hod meme: brotp(s) → wade & lemon

"You’re a good friend. Probably the best one that I’ve got."
"Right back at ya, lady."

'you are like home to me'

yotakilrc asked: Are there any Zoe and George from season 1 gifs?

We have few Zoe/George gifs here http://hartofdixiegifs.tumblr.com/tagged/Zoe%20x%20George but it appears these are not from s1, so I’m not sure, there may be some in request page, but probably not many.

get to know me meme[1/5] favorite relationships: Zade (Hart of Dixie)

"You take care of me, I take care of you.” "