Hey guys this blog is dedicated to making gifs of the amazing and funny show that airs on The CW called Hart of Dixie. Run by: Candy, Melissa, Dayane, Anye, Ivy, and Katie.

get to know me meme[1/5] favorite relationships: Zade (Hart of Dixie)

"You take care of me, I take care of you.” "

Anonymous asked: You have a tag for location gifsets, like Bluebell or the practise or something ?

Nope, we don’t.


"It’s like a marathon, only no one’s handing you water every couple of miles, although that would be useful."

Zoe & Lavon - 2x04 Suspicious Minds 

make me choose → anonymous asked brulian or zade

You can’t deny that something is drawing you to each other…repeatedly.

joetucker92 asked: Hello to your amazing page...! Can i ask u if u have gifs with George and Joe?

We do have gifs of george and zoe, i am guessing you mean, click here.